Innovative Banking

The bank that I’m putting my money on always innovates. It was the first bank in our country to introduce the ATM machine. As far as I know, they are the only back that also uses direct deposits to machines and credit it in real time. I went to the bank earlier for my usual routine. It was a different branch and I was surprised that they have a new way for processing deposits. Instead of filling up the deposit slip and giving it to the teller, there’s a machine that let’s you enter the details of the deposit including account and amount. After entering the details, a number is printed and I have to wait when that number is flashed on the board. When it was my turn, the teller just validated the entries with me and confirmed the transaction. Took less than a minute to do so. I’ll Migrate to Canada and I’m sure I’ll see a lot of innovations also there.

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KFC now has Coca-Cola

Ever since KFC was born in this country, it carried the PEPSI brand on their beverage list. I think this was a global contract between the two companies. I was surprised seeing Coca-Cola Drinks now being served in KFC. This is good news because personally I love coke better. Pair coke with a good classic KFC chicken and I have one good meal. I’ll be Migrating in Canada and I hope that the same thing holds true!

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Dental Crown

Finally, the dental crown was placed. After several months of going to the Dentist, the routine is now complete. It all started with a pain on my tooth last November. A temporary fill was made and eventually had my tooth go thru the root canal procedure. Afterwards, a post then a crown was made. It took the process almost 6 months to complete! But nevertheless, I’m now happy with my smile 🙂 Migrating to Canada made me go through the routine since dental fee is much expensive there.

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Cheap parking

I’m complaining of parking fees but comparing the amount from here and on Canada, I must say that its still cheap here. Early this morning, I went to another building within the city and took me some time to find a parking space. I was checking the parking lots but ended up parking on the street. 10:00 am is already a full house for parking slots. I’m thinking which Canada Province has the lowest rate in terms of parking fee. It’s time to research on it.

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A visit to the Ocean Park

Yesterday, my family and I went to the ocean park to have a simple bonding. The ocean park is the first here in our country and we’re excited to go. Theme park entrance are expensive just like in any other countries. I wonder how many theme parks are there in the different Canada Provinces? Anyway, we had a good time. Spent a whole day on it enjoying the view of the oceanarium, the jellies aquarium and the sea lion show.

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I just launched my job application

Can’t wait for that visa before I launch my job applications. Really have to do it considering that theres processing time to be considered. Though the visa is not yet issued, I’m just awaiting the return of my passport. When that arrives, things will be in a blur. Right now, I still do not which Canada Province I would settle. One step at a time …

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A storm is brewing in the Pacific

End of May marks the beginning of the Rainy Season. In our country, we only have two seasons: Wet and Dry. As the rainy season starts, these storms come with it. On the average, our country receive 26 storms per year. These storms vary from mild tropical depression to Category 5 Typhoons. Migrating to Canada will definitely change my view on weather season.

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Tooth Crown

I just had a replacement of my tooth crown today. It’s a bit pricey but its ok. When I’m thinking of Migrating to Canada I knew that I’d lose this priveleges. Service is cheaper here in our country compared there, however there are also perks that I can enjoy there and not here. So its a matter of balance and knowing what you really like.

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Big Boss Arrives!

My boss from Atlanta just came in. He’s here in the office for one week and usually does this twice a year. Migrating to Canada would change my landscape. Perhaps it would be my time to go from Canada back to my own country for a business trip? Possible? Very possible… considering that IT resources are being outsourced in Asia, chances are I’ll be flying back and be an expatriate in my own country.

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Chocolates I like!

My brother in law just flew in town today. His coming home for good after several years of staying overseas and working there. Most of his stuff were shipped but still brought a few carry-on. One of the things he brought was a bag full of chocolates. A typical gift for us specially that my kids love to have it. Migrating to Canada would turn things around, for now we are on the receiving end, soon we will be the one giving.

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